Getting Started

Here are some questions and suggestions to get you started. You can use them on your own or develop them into a group activity. We will also be developing a series of workshops suitable for different groups and hope to be able to offer workshop facilitators in due course, if needed.

  • What or who do you love that is in danger from environmental breakdown? 

This could be  a person in danger from drought, famine, flooding or other extreme weather.  It could be a whole community.

Or it could be a place threatened by flooding, drought, wildfires or erosion

It could be one of the million species threatened with extinction.

More information about some of these dangers are here.

  • How do you contribute to the threat  and what can you do about it? 

You’ll need to think about this. There are steps we can and should do as individuals, but these alone are not enough.

Research may be your first action : you could start here.

You could  reflect on possible actions  mindfully or prayerfully as you make your panel . Talking to other people might also be helpful.

  • What is the tiniest thing that you could do that would make a difference? What is the most radical thing that you could do?

Jot down some of your thoughts so you don’t forget. You can add to them later.  It may be helful to reflect on this further as you make a quick drawing,  painting  or collage to illustrate it.  Or if you prefer you could use words to explore the issues and your feelings about them.

If you’d like to make a textile panel , you are now ready to design this. You can make as many panels as you like !  If you prefer, you could make one to mourn the passing of a species or the destruction of a place instead.

Don’t forget to tell other people about what you’ve done. You might inspire them to join in, celebrating what we love and making changes for love’s sake.