Getting Started

This page has some questions and suggestions to get you started. You can use them on your own, or they can be used for group reflection.  Here is a short guided meditation that may help you or a group to reflect on these questions.

Have a look at our resources page for suggestions if you’d like to run a workshop or for textile inspiration. We are no longer organising Loving Earth textile workshops but others are doing so from time to time, so do have a look at our Events Page to see if there is one suitable for you – or if you’d like to add your own, 

1. What or whom do you love that’s in danger because of environmental breakdown? 

This could be someone in danger because of drought, famine, flooding, or other extreme weather. It could be a whole community. Or it could be a place threatened by drought, flooding, wildfires, or erosion. It could be one of the million species currently facing the threat of extinction. More information about some of these dangers is here

2. How do your actions or lifestyle contribute to the threat? What is needed to reduce the risk of harm? 

You may need to think about this. There are steps we can and should take as individuals, but these alone aren’t enough. We also need to change how we live collectively, how we relate to each other and our planet. Research could be your first action: here is one place to start. 

You could reflect prayerfully or mindfully on possible actions as you make your panel. Talking to other people can also be helpful. Friendship and community can be wonderful sources for self-reflection. 

3. What can you do to help?
What’s the tiniest action you could take to make a difference? What’s the most radical action you could take? These could be alone or with others, and could range from changes in your personal lifestyle, to helping bring about bigger social or economic changes.  

Jot down some thoughts so you don’t forget. You can come back and add to them later. It may be helpful to reflect on this further as you make a quick drawing or collage to illustrate some actions. Or if you prefer, you could use words to explore the issues and the emotions they bring out.

If you’d like to make a textile panel, you’re now ready to design this. Printable  guidance is here  and there is more inspiration in our videos.