Response Postcard

To enable more people reflect on the Loving Earth queries and to share their responses, we have created these postcards. They are  blank on the back for responses in words or images. The postcards  can be used alongside displays * of Loving Earth panels (or as part of advance publicity), inviting people to add their response to an onsite installation , or can be sent directly to Edinburgh by early October for further displays.

They can also be used as a stand-alone exercise for any group, perhaps in preparation for, or as part of an activity for Great Big Green Week/ Climate Fringe in September, and responses used in social media.

Please send a stamped, addressed envelope to 48 Kenilworth Avenue, London SW19 7LW if you would like some postcards for your display.

UK Postage:
up to 15 cards  £1.29 first  /96p second class
up to 40 cards  £1.83  /£1.53
up to 80 cards  £2.39  /£1.99
up to 120 cards  £3.30  /£2.70
Please enquire for larger numbers

*  If we are sending you panels for display we can send postcards with them if you ask in good time.

Please send cards to the Edinburgh Quaker Meeting House by  1st October unless you will be displaying them after that.

A Spanish version of the card can be downloaded here:

LEP Green Heart postcard ESP

Please enquire if you would like some sent to you. You are welcome to print cards for distribution in your own country.

Further editions of the cards could be produced in other languages or at a later date subject to demand.