Guidance for Exhibitors


We need to know at an early stage about exhibitions to see if your dates are possible, and we will normally expect to post details of times and venues of your Loving Earth panel displays at least two months in advance.  Please tell us how how flexible you can be about dates.

We expect you to publicise your exhibition locally and to share your publicity and press materials with us, and we can offer some outline materials for you to adapt to local circumstances.

We normally expect exhibitions to be at least one month long and over 50 panels: 80 to 100 is a good number, but it depends on the venue. Exhibitions can be in multiple venues in your area, as long as we have a single point of contact. For example, a museum, gallery, cathedral, or town hall might mount an exhibition, or a group of faith communities, schools, or other groups might get together to organise some.

Please complete an exhibition request with the following information and send it to us.

Exhibition dates:

Exhibition venue(s):

Main contact (name, email, mobile):



Number of panels:

Themes covered by panels (optional):



Please check out our resources page and consider how you will display the panels before completing the section below.

Would you like the texts to accompany panels printed by us? Yes/No
(If no, we will send you a word-processing file so you can print them to your own specification – e.g. on board.)

Do you need bulldog clips? Yes/No
(If no, you will need to provide your own clips or pegs to attach the panels with.)

We will supply you with A3 posters about the Loving Earth Project to display in the exhibition. How many would you like?

Will you be able to show videos (on our website) about the project?

Will you organise workshops/discussion events/educational or other events at the exhibition?

Are you able to sell greeting cards and books? (See our shop.)
Wholesale prices for (orders of 50 or over) cards are 60p each (RRP between £1 and £1.50) . For the Alphabet books, for orders of 10 or more, we charge £2 each (RRP £4). We do not charge for postage if these are sent at the same time as the panels. Sorry, we don’t do sale or return orders.

We can supply Green Heart postcards with the Loving Earth questions for visitors to respond to themselves.  Will you be able to use some in an installation or at events? If so, how many would you like?