The Loving Earth Project

celebrates some of the wonderful things threatened by growing environmental breakdown: people, places, creatures, and other things we love.  It is helping people to engage creatively and constructively with these issues, without being overwhelmed. It’s also a way to share positive examples of change and why people have taken action for the sake of love. 

This video introduces the project. 

Whatever our starting point, our actions affect the wider environment. Using simple questions and activities, we invite you to explore some of the issues and how we might each help reduce the threats to the world we love. 

A community textile project is a central part of the Loving Earth Project. Making a textile panel creates space for creative reflection too.  We have online resources and events to help get you started, and our gallery shows hundreds of  panels created so far.  Four little books building on the project in different ways  have now been published. Each one includes lots of photos of the textile art. Details are available on our shop page.   

Everyone can join in. Whether by making a panel, helping organise an event, or in other ways.  The project is suitable for school groups, craft groups, faith groups, environmental groups, and others, as well as individuals. 

The project started in 2019 and was listed among “the best cultural events in Scotland for COP26”.  Dozens of exhibitions across Britain and beyond (from Slovenia to California) have taken place sine then, in a variety of venues, from Quaker Meeting Houses , churches, libraries, museums and galleries to the Westmister Parliament. they  have given people “great joy and hope” as well as being “thought-provoking” and “a warning”.  As well as enjoying themselves,  participants have found it inspiring and empowering.

We had planned to wind the project down after 2023,  as it has been very demanding for the volunteers organising it. However the project has developed its own momentum so we are happy to support further exhibitions and events for another year or two, albeit on a simplified. basis. Please contact us  if you’d like to organise a local exhibition. If you are arranging an exhibition or workshop, please let us know and post details here at the earliest opportunity, even if details are provisional. (You can let us have updates later.) 

Publications can be bought from the Quaker Bookshop (at Friends House, London or by mail order); only wholesale orders  are now accepted through our online shop.

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Climate breakdown and extinctions are happening all over the world. The Loving Earth Project is inspiring many moves towards sustainability, for the sake of love. Learn more about how the project was set up here.