Holding Exhibitions

Scottish Maritime Museum

In 2021, we held a number of exhibitions around the time of COP26. You can see some of them here. The Loving Earth Project was hailed (by list.co.uk) as “one of the best cultural events in Scotland for COP26”.

We now have over 400 panels available and most of them are online in our gallery. We plan to continue to exhibit these until the end of 2023.  We are currently planning our timetable and welcome invitations. Please contact us at an early stage if you’d like to host an exhibition. Details of all exhibitions and events will be posted on our events page.

Bury St Edmunds Cathedral Cloisters October 2022

We normally expect exhibitions to be at least one month long and over 50 panels; 80 to 100 is a good number, but it depends on the venue.  Exhibitions can be in multiple venues in your area if there is a single point of contact. For example, a museum, gallery, cathedral, or town hall might mount an exhibition, or a group of faith communities, schools, or other groups might get together to organise some.

Falkland Estate, Scotland

More information about organising an exhibition is here. We also encourage you to organise one or more events and to purchase some of our beautiful cards and books to sell.

An outline exhibition agreement is here. We will need to agree on this at an early stage, and will normally expect to post details of times and venues of displays at least two months in advance.  We expect you to publicise locally and to share your publicity and press materials with us, and we can offer some outline materials for you to adapt to local circumstances.

Organising Exhibitions

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