Exhibition materials and events

Falkland Estate, Scotlan

We will provide A3 posters with a simple introduction to the Loving Earth project and questions for use in each exhibition and you would be welcome to show some of the videos (available on our resources page).  You may also wish to order other materials to display or sell our decorative poster and/or small books based on the project and we also have Green Heart postcards for use interactively.  You can see these in our shop. Although we will no longer be offering online retail sales from  January 2024, wholesale orders will continue to be are available direct from us, subject to availability (please order well in advance) and  our books are available from Quaker Bookshop.

We encourage you to organise other events in combination with exhibitions and an opening event is always a good idea. Textile workshops could be held before or during exhibitions, and a variety of other events can be arranged alongside exhibitions. These could be arts events, talks or discussions, spiritual events, other creative activities or visits from schools or community groups. Our resources page includes some suggestions for running events and also videos which you are also welcome to show.  The Climate Fresk group learning activity may also be suitable for your venue.

If you have the facility to show videos you are welcome to show some of our resources – both introductory videos about the project and about making textiles. You may want to show other videos or films as part of the exhibition too.