The Invitation

  • Is there something, someone or somewhere that you know and love which  is endangered by environmental break-down?
  • How does your lifestyle contribute to that threat?
  • What could you do, or are you doing, to help reduce that threat?

You are invited to explore thesr questions creatively, and if you wish to make a textile panel 30x30cm (plus borders), illustrating your answer to one of these queries, and to write a few words about your response to all three of them. Some suggestions are here 

You can send it to join a travelling exhibition of such panels, along with your written response .  If you send us  photos of your panels and texts online, they can inspire others through the internet gallery.

Anyone can join the project and you can make as many panels as you like. You might like to organise a community workshop or local exhibition too.  Let us know if you do!

NB Though the textile project was a starting point for the Loving Earth Project , there are many other ways you can engage with the questions at the core of the project.