Past Exhibitions

Since 2021 we have held exhibitions of Loving Earth textile panels in a wide variety of venues  ranging from museums and galleries, Quaker meeting houses, church buildings and libraries to the Westminster Parliament. Groups of panels have travelled to many places in Britain and also abroad, including to Ireland, France, Belgium and the USA.  The Loving Earth Project was hailed (by as “one of the best cultural events in Scotland for COP26”.  Most of these are listed on our events page. 

Short video of LEP exhibition at Friends House London Oct – Dec 2023

The Loving Earth Project was in Tring: Tring’s Loving Earth Project was launched during The Great Big Green Week in June 2023 and culminated in an exhibition in September 2023 when locally made textile panels were shown alongside some from the national Loving Earth Project collection.

Loving Earth Project

LEP Children’s workshop and exhibition, August 2023, Nailsworth Quaker meeting






Below is a link to the Normandy and Brussels Exhibitions and events, which took place Spring/Summer 2023:


Some photos of the California Tour which took place Spring 2023 and their report: LovingEarth_WrapUpReport_final

California Tour, Spring 2023
California Tour, Spring 2023
California tour, Spring 2023
California tour, Spring 2023
California tour, Spring 2023

The Speaker of the House of Commons, Sir Lindsay Hoyle, welcomed the Loving Earth Project to Portcullis House in February 2023 . Read more here about this exhibition at the UK’s Westminster  Parliament.  The exhibition was also featured on BBC Radio 4’s Sunday programme  .


The Lockdown Legacy Project was a project developed jointly by the Loving Earth Project and Sustainable Merton.

Panels were  made by local residents during Covid lockdowns from autumn 2020 through spring 2021, with online workshops facilitated by the Loving Earth Project. Sustainable Merton organised an exhibition of these panels in Wimbledon’s Centre Court shopping centre. In due course, a permanent home for these panels will be found by Sustainable Merton.