More about us

The Loving Earth project aims to help a wide range of people to engage with
the challenges of living more sustainably, motivated by love.

Starting with a few Quakers in Spring 2019, the project  is generating interest from a wide range of people.  How it evolves  will depend on what people would like to do. People can participate anywhere in the world and are welcome to organise their own events and displays. We this will enable us to share what we love around the world, and inspire us to act for love’s sake. The project  is suitable for schools, faith groups, craft groups and other community groups to get involved with.  It can be a good way of engaging in dialogue and learning about the environment as well as fun.

You can keep in touch with the project by ‘liking’ our Facebook page and emailing us at asking to join our mailing list.

The project is run entirely on a voluntary basis.   Workshop resources are being developed (and you can create your own), and we hope to recuit a few volunteers to help run occasional events and to support the wider project as it develops. Please get in touch if you’d like to help.

Copyright of panels and text is held jointly by the Loving Earth Project, and Swarthmoor Hall and Quaker Arts Network (for panels displayed at the Seeking Routes exhibition in July 2019) . The makers also retain joint copyright in their own panel and are welcome to reproduce them.

The Loving Earth Project is supported* by :

Quaker Arts Network

Friends World Committee for Consultation 

Swarthmoor Hall 

If you or organisation would like to support the project, through publicity, advice, practical help or in other ways , please get in touch at


* This support does not imply endorsement of any specific statements by the Loving Earth Project or legal responsibility for it.