More about us

The Loving Earth project aims to help a wide range of people engage with the challenges of living more sustainably, motivated by love.

The project is suitable for craft groups, faith groups, or other community groups to get involved with, as well as individuals. It can be a good way to engage in dialogue and learning about the environment, as well as fun. Young and old, environmental experts and novices can share ideas, skills, questions, and hopes. And we have lots of resources to help under lockdown as well as when we’re able to meet up in person.

Started by a few Quakers in 2019, the project is generating interest from a wide range of people. The Quaker Arts Network is now working in partnership with Woodbrooke and others. The Quaker Arts Network is responsible for the exhibiting side of the project and for working with non-Quaker community groups and individuals, while Woodbrooke is working with Quakers as part of their work on sustainability for Britain Yearly Meeting. Some of our workshops and courses are on our news and events pages. 

The project’s development is under the strategic oversight of a Steering Group. People can participate from anywhere in the world and are welcome to organise their own events and displays, though we hope that many of these will come together for key displays, for example at the time of the COP26 talks in Glasgow, UK, in November 2021. This will enable us to share what we love around the world and inspire us to act for love’s sake.

You can keep in touch with the project by liking our Facebook page and emailing us to join our mailing list.

To find out more information about the Steering Group members and responsibilities of the various involved organisations, please email us.

The project is largely run on a voluntary basis. Please get in touch if you’d like to help and tell us what you might offer.

Copyright of panels and accompanying texts is held jointly by the Loving Earth Project and Quaker Arts Network. The makers also retain joint copyright in their own panel and are welcome to reproduce them, and those organising Loving Earth Project events also have such reproduction rights.

Some of the groups supporting* the Loving Earth Project are :

If you or your organisation would like to support the project, through publicity, advice, practical help, or in other ways, please do get in touch with us.

* This support does not imply endorsement of any specific statements by the Loving Earth Project or legal responsibility for it.  Similarly, the Loving Earth Project does not take responsibility for the actions of, or information provided by, supporters.