Global Work

The Loving Earth Project welcomes contributions from all over the world.
If you would like to be a link in your part of the world, please get in touch.


Slovenia: Jasmine Piercy, who can be contacted via email.

France: and 
Video d’introduction 

Ireland: Bronwen Haire, who can be contacted via email.

Sweden: Abigail Garbett, who can be contacted via email

USA: Cindy Fowler , who can be contact via email 

Latin America : Emma Condori (Bolivia) can be contacted by email


Here are some short introductions to the project in different languages. We have a document you can print for each language and subtitled videos in a few languages. 
If you would like to make a translation into another language or translate additional resources for us, please get in touch

SPANISH Amando La Tierra ESP 6:20 introduction PDF document to download
      1-minute introductory video in English with Spanish subtitles 
Full 3 minute introduction in English with Spanish subtitles 

FRANCAIS Voir vidéo d’introduction  et un sommaire sur cette page . Un nouveau site  se développe par un groupe francophone, à