Lockdown Legacy Project

How has the COVID pandemic affected your relationship with the environment? How can lessons learned help ensure a more sustainable future?

This project was developed jointly by the Loving Earth Project and Sustainable Merton who have organised an exhibition of panels made ,  from

28 June till 9 July, in Wimbledon’s Centre Court Shopping Centre. 

After that, panels will join the main Loving Earth Project exhibition for further displays from our touring exhibition for a couple of years. After that they will return to Merton where a permanent home for them will be found by Sustainable Merton. 

Panels have been made by local residents during  lockdowns from autumn  2020 till spring 21 lockowns, working to the guidance below and with online workshops facilitated by Loving Earth Project. 

Here’s a guided meditation to help you reflect on your experience of the COVID lockdown and its impact on you and your environment.