New Stitch workshops

Lottie Percival, who made the textile videos for us is kindly offering a short series of stitch workshops by Zoom in February and March, for people who want to learn new skills to use in making their Loving Earth panels.
These are run independently and are £6 each. Advance booking essential. Details on our Events page
Lottie is an artist with a textile background, working in multiple mediums. She  works as an Artist in Residence and technician in a school environment and also runs a variety of creative workshops and classes for adults.

Loving Earth Conversation Friday 8th January

We’re preparing for an interesting conversation, exploring what we can do ourselves and with others – from the local community to the international organisations- to address the challenges of environmental breakdown. We are pleased to welcome Stella Weinrich to join the conversation from a local government perspective.
Book your place in advance  .Sadly, Jo Hand from is unable to join us after all, but do have a look at Giki’s website to find out more about ways to reduce your carbon footprint. You could take their Giki.badges app with you shopping too; if you scan the bar codes it will tell you how sustainable the product is. Easy!