We’re working with Woodbrooke

We’re delighted that Loving Earth Project will be working with Woodbrooke  as part of its project for Quakers in Britain on ‘Climate Crisis: spiritual nurture and learning’.

LEP and Woodbrooke will be planning a range of offerings as the year unfolds, and we hope to forge other partnerships  as opportunities arise, to help us all address the climate crisis together.


Local Loving Earth Project initiatives

It’s been great to hear of a number of local initiatives starting to happen in different parts of the country, from sewing groups to discussions to displays.

In Wimbledon (South West London)  a series of events will be taking place at the public library in February and March  (see  LEP Wimbledon Jan 2020) and we hope that these will prompt others to join in. We may be able to hold a local exhibition later in the year.

Details of other events will be posted as we hear more news, and can also be posted on our Facebook page @LovingEarthProject.

Do let us know what you’re planning in your area.