Special offer on Loving Earth Book

We have now published four delightful little books based on the Loving Earth Project, each with a different flavour but all beautifully produced and illustrated with photos of some of our textile panels.

The Quaker Arts Network currently has a very SPECIAL OFFER on wholesale orders of our latest book, Caring for the World we Love, designed for kids of all ages. As well as being interesting for individuals to read or dip into it also offers a general introduction to the Loving Earth Project, and can be a useful resource for group conversations or workshops.

This lovely book normally retails at £5 for its 36 beautifully produced pages, and like our other books it’s available from the Quaker Bookshop.  However,  orders received by the end of Februrary  via the   shop page on this website   will be charged special offer price of  £2.50 per copy for 10 or more books (including postage). UPDATE: stocks are now very low so the £1.50 per copy for 30 books or more is no longer available. .  We hope this will enable people to give copies to  libraries, schools, worship and community groups as well as friends, both to give pleasure and also to help more people to engage positively with the challenges of the environmental crisis.