Loving Earth Project article in The Friend magazine

Great to see the Loving Earth Project featured on the front of The Friend  magazine this week, with some great photos.  https://thefriend.org .

We hope this will inspire others to join the project, to help  deepen our  connections with the environmental crisis and the threat to so much that we love. Love and knowledge can empower us to take the actions needed to help mitigate the disasters that await.

We’re working with Woodbrooke

We’re delighted that Loving Earth Project will be working with Woodbrooke  as part of its project for Quakers in Britain on ‘Climate Crisis: spiritual nurture and learning’.

LEP and Woodbrooke will be planning a range of offerings as the year unfolds, and we hope to forge other partnerships  as opportunities arise, to help us all address the climate crisis together.


Global Carbon emissions by number

This article shows how carbon emissions in many parts of the world are growing and the scale of change needed.  https://www.nature.com/immersive/d41586-019-02711-4/index.html

Of course those in the wealthy West have by far the highest per capita carbon footprint, and much of that actually shows up in less-developed countries where the heavy industry is now concentrante; many of these goods (steel, cars etc) will be imported to richer countries like Britain.

To calculate your Carbon Footprint  see how it compares with others, and for suggestions as to how to reduce it go to https://www.carbonindependent.org