Stopping Climate Change: Policies for Real Zero

Professor Paul Ekins‘ will launch his new book,  Stopping Climate Change: Policies for Real Zero . Paul will introduce the book and invite questions and discussion . The event will be followed by an opportunity for refreshments and further conversation and to buy the book!.

Come early to explore the Loving Earth exhibition and enjoy tea in the Quaker Centre before the book launch. The Quaker Centre at Friends House will be open until 5.30  today.

Free but advance booking required. Book here 

Further information about the book, pre-orders and endorsements are here.


Rachel Summers: The Parable of the Slug

 As Rachel says: ‘Many people find that they experience spiritual connection more readily when outdoors, and indeed the Bible is full of imagery drawn from the natural world. Creation is well able to speak to us of the creator, and we can take each encounter as our own personal parable, listening to what God wishes to share with us through it.’ 


Part of the Spirit of Creation series at St John’s

We are increasingly disconnected from the earth and from one another, and we are impoverished as a result.

We are seeing nature despoiled by the same forces that violate and oppress the human spirit. Why is it more compelling to imagine planetary collapse than the end of injustice? How can we change the story? How can we make the connections so urgently needed so that we can work together to create a place where all can flourish?

Mark Vernon: The World in a Grain of Sand

“To see a World in a Grain of Sand
And a Heaven in a Wild Flower,
Hold Infinity in the palm of your hand
And Eternity in an hour.”

This event is part of the Exploring Spirit Season at St John’s.

Mark Vernon is a psychotherapist and writer, with a keen interest in ancient philosophy, as well as the illumination of inner life. His writing covers subjects from friendship and beliefs, to wellbeing and living in the modern world. He’s currently working on a book about local artist William Blake and his talk will look at Blake’s understanding of spirit, mysticism and the natural world.

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Here for Justice: Why the Loving Earth Project?

As part of St Johns Waterloo’s interfaith series of Exploring Spirit events Linda Murgatroyd will give a short talk about the origins and purpose of the Loving Earth Projet , followed by a Question and Answer session.

This will take place after the 10. 30 service and a coffee break. All welcome.

Details of this series of events are at


Loving Earth poetry book launch event at Friends House, London

This event launches the  Out of Excuses poetry book and exhibition of textile art, to be held in the Quaker Centre and corridors of Friends  House.

A selection of poems from the book will be read by the poets.


Free, but please book your place via Eventbrite in advance .

Refreshments from 4pm;
Welcome speeches and poetry reading from 5pm.
The bookshop will remain open until 7pm