There are different ways for groups to  of engage with the Loving Earth project. You are welcome to develop your own workshops, to suit your youth group, craft group, club, friends, spiritual community etc. The main thing is that people  respond to the  three questions and that textile panels are of the right size specification.

Here are some downloadable workshop materials which can be used directly or adapted for different groups:         

Workshops  could include :

  • a short (30-60 minutes) workshop suitable for all ages just using paper and coloured pencils/crayons and discussion
  • a half-day workshop with guided meditation and drawing, followed either by starting on textile panels  (to be completed at another workshop or at home) or discussion and further activities.
  • a one-day workshop building on this, but with more time to complete a textile panel, for creative writing, personal research, prayerful reflection/meditation and/or discussion .
  • A weekend retreat, developing the above still further.
  • lesson plans for different ages, either a single lesson or a project for several weeks. These could focus on the science, art and crafts, geography and/or other elements.

You may also like to put on a local display of your panels and writing before sending them to join the travelling exhibition. This could either just be your local work, or you might like to display the travelling exhibition .