There are different ways for groups to  engage with the Loving Earth project.  The main thing is that people  respond to the  three questions and that textile panels are of the right size specification. Beyond that, you are welcome to develop your own workshops, to suit your youth group, craft group, club, friends, spiritual community etc.

We have been  running workshops both online and in person to get people started with the project, and  online Zoom chats for people to share experience and questions about making panels or wider environmental issues. Please look at our Events page or newsletters for details.

If you would like to get going on your own, or to organise your own events, our Resources page has a series of  downloadable materials which can be used in workshops, including videos and handouts. You are welcome to adapt them for particular groups, and if you need help or a facilitation for this,  please send us an email .

You may also like to put on a local display of your panels and writing before sending them to join the main exhibition, or to host  the touring exhibition to your area in due course.  .