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Join this Zoom event, organised by Christian Aid Scotland, exploring how creativity can inspire us to change the world.

We’ll be talking with people who advocate for climate justice through creative practice. The panel of guests includes:

  • ID Campbell, UNESCO artist
  • David Coleman, Chaplain for Eco-Congregations Scotland
  • Dr Anna Fisk, climate activist, theologian and knitter
  • Rev Kathy Galloway, poet and hymn writer
  • Linda Murgatroyd, Quaker Arts Network and Loving Earth Project co-ordinator
  • Seonaid Knox, Prophetic Activist for Christian Aid, will guide our creative and curious conversations.

Details and bookings  here

This event is being held as part of Climate Fringe Week.

For more information about this pre-COP26 festival, check out the Climate Fringe website.


Related upcoming events

  • 2021-09-24 19:00 - 2021-09-24 20:30
    In this evening’s panel discussion, invited speakers  will talk about some particular challenges depicted by Loving Earth panels of their choice, what is being or can be done locally,  and what more needs to be done at national and international levels. There will also be opportunities for audience participation. 

    Speakers will include:

    Alistair McIntosh - Glasgow Quaker and environmental campaigner
    Zarina Ahmed - Climate change and environment officer
    Gillian McFarland - Visual artist working on land use
     Lindsey Fielder Cook -  Quaker United Nations Organisation
    Jon Slowe: Director, Delta Energy & Environment consultancy

    Rici Marshall Cross  (Edinburgh Quakers) will be the MC.

    This panel discussion will be held both at Glasgow Meeting House and on Zoom, and is Free.

    Book here to join us on Zoom

    Book here to join us at Glasgow Meeting House,   (numbers limited for COVID restrictions. subject to availability of space and COVID restrictions).


  • 2021-09-25 11:00 - 2021-09-25 15:00

    This community fair  is  part of West Midlands wide BIG GREEN WEEK to demand action on the climate and ecological emergency.

    Speakers, tables and activities identifying how a sustainable future can start in Cotteridge,  includes a small display of Loving Earth Panels and information and guidance on how to get involved.
    Opportunities for fun,  learning and good company for all ages!
  • 2021-11-03 19:00 - 2021-11-03 20:30
    In this evening’s panel discussion, invited participants from different parts of the world will select some Loving Earth panels as a starting point to discuss particular threats their communities are facing and what is needed to to address the issues, including at international levels.

    This event will be held both on Zoom and at the Glasgow Quaker Meeting House, and is Free.

    To attend on Zoom please book via this link: Eventbrite Caring-for-what-we-love-in-the-world-in-the-face-of-environmental-threats-ONLINE

    To attend in person at the Meeting House, please book via this link: Eventbrite Caring-for-what-we-love-in-the-world-in-the-face-of-environmental-threats-tickets-MEETING HOUSE