Woodbrooke in partnership with Loving Earth Project

Loving Earth Project is now working in partnership with Woodbrooke Quaker study centre,  to take forward the Loving Earth Project among Quakers in Britain.  This exciting development is part of the work Woodbrooke is undertaking over the next few years, funded by Quakers in Britain, to support Quakers in their witness to sustainability and care for the planet. Both the spiritual roots of Quaker witness and practical aspects will be addressed. A team of Woodbrooke associate tutors is being assembled to support Quaker meetings wishing to engage with the Loving Earth Project, if they need support. Further information will be available shortly.

We’re working with Woodbrooke

We’re delighted that Loving Earth Project will be working with Woodbrooke  as part of its project for Quakers in Britain on ‘Climate Crisis: spiritual nurture and learning’.

LEP and Woodbrooke will be planning a range of offerings as the year unfolds, and we hope to forge other partnerships  as opportunities arise, to help us all address the climate crisis together.


Local Loving Earth Project initiatives

It’s been great to hear of a number of local initiatives starting to happen in different parts of the country, from sewing groups to discussions to displays.

In Wimbledon (South West London)  a series of events will be taking place at the public library in February and March  (see  LEP Wimbledon Jan 2020) and we hope that these will prompt others to join in. We may be able to hold a local exhibition later in the year.

Details of other events will be posted as we hear more news, and can also be posted on our Facebook page @LovingEarthProject.

Do let us know what you’re planning in your area.


Global Carbon emissions by number

This article shows how carbon emissions in many parts of the world are growing and the scale of change needed.  https://www.nature.com/immersive/d41586-019-02711-4/index.html

Of course those in the wealthy West have by far the highest per capita carbon footprint, and much of that actually shows up in less-developed countries where the heavy industry is now concentrante; many of these goods (steel, cars etc) will be imported to richer countries like Britain.

To calculate your Carbon Footprint  see how it compares with others, and for suggestions as to how to reduce it go to https://www.carbonindependent.org



Loving Earth Project is growing – and we need your help

The responses to the Loving Earth Project have been so positive that we would like to extend it more widely. It has great potential to help people to engage with the urgent issues of climate breakdown in creative ways, empowered by love.

We are now seeking to put together a small core of volunteers to help develop a range of workshop materials and facilitate workshops, as well as to keep the necessary communications and (minimal) admin going. More details are given here:  LEP-callout

We hope to arrange a get together early in 2020 to build the team.

Do get in touch via lovingearthproject@gmail.com if you’d like to help with this, and let others know if you think they might be interested. It can only grow if people help!



Loving Earth Panels available for display

Now that the Swarthmoor Hall exhibition has finished, the beautiful panels  and the accompanying texts (on our Gallery Page) are available for display . Please contact us  at lovingearthproject@gmail.com if you’d like to borrow them, saying when you would want them and where they will be shown. We will have to ask you to pay for postage unless you can collection them from a London address. They can easily be sent in the post and they are simple to hang.

Already they have been displayed at Wandsworth Quaker Meeting House for London Open House in September, and further small displays are planned at conferences in Birmingham and London.

If you would like to send in your panels to join the collection and to show on our website, please send them to Loving Earth Project c/o FWCC, Friends House, 173 Euston Road, London NW1 2AX, UK. If you want to keep them for your own displays, you are welcome to send high quality photo and the text for our website.


London Open House in Wandsworth

A selection of Loving Earth Project panels will be on show at Wandsworth Quaker Meeting House when it’s open as part of London Open House on Saturday 21 September. Come and have a look. It’s all free

See https://openhouselondon.open-city.org.uk/listings/1422 for details .