More panels are coming in

More panels have been coming in to
Swarthmoor Hall and are being added to the display as they arrive . They are hanging in the entrante to the Old Hall and a folder with the accompanying text is in the Friendship Room there.

Some have arrived by post out of the blue; this tree panel was started at our workshop at Swarthmoor Meeting House in July and has now been completed .
You can see them all on our Gallery page.



First Loving Earth Project display to be at Swarthmoor Hall.

The first few Loving Earth Project panels is currently on public display as part of the Seeking Routes art exhibition at Swarthmoor Hall, near Ulverston in England’s Lake District. The exhibition continues until early September.

The exhibition shows a variety of works by Quaker artists on the broad theme of Quaker experience and action on the environment.

At a workshop 20th July, work started on some further panels, the first of which have been completed and have joined the display. Others will be added as they are sent in.



First Loving Earth Project workshop display

The first workshop for the  Loving Earth Project was with a small group of Quakers aged from 4 to their late 60s. In a 40-minute session, we thought about something we love that is in danger from environmental break-down, and how we might influence the threat to it through our own actions.

Here are some of the  fabulous designs we sketched on paper. We, also had some interesting discussions about how our own actions connected with what is happening to the environment, and how it affects these creatures and places.


Some of the designs are being made into textile panels.