The LOVING EARTH PROJECT celebrates people, places, creatures and other things that we love but which  are threatened by  growing environmental breakdown. It offers a way in to help people engage with the issues without being overwhelmed.

Climate break-down and species extinctions are happening all over the world. We hope this  project will inspire people to make connections and change our habits, to live more sustainably for the sake of love.  Individuals and groups are invited to explore three simple questions, using arts and crafts, conversations, spiritual practices, and/or research . There’s also a community textile project which you can contribute to, to share your findings online and in physical displays to inspire others. 

Why not get involved? Anyone can join in.  You could explore the questions on your own, make a textile panel, organise a workshop or display, or something else. We’re also looking to put together a diverse group of volunteers to help develop the project. 

You can find out more about how the project has been set up here.