The LOVING EARTH PROJECT celebrates people, places, creatures, and other things that we love but which are threatened by growing environmental breakdown. It offers a way to help people engage creatively and constructively with the issues, without being overwhelmed. It also offers a way to share initiatives and your reasons for taking them with a very diverse audience. This video introduces the project.

Individuals and groups are invited to explore how the future of something, someone, or somewhere that we love is affected by our own actions.  This exploration can take many forms, including a community textile project. All are invited to participate in this by making a textile panel of specified size, in response to the Loving Earth questions and sending it to join our travelling exhibition. We have a number of online resources and events to get you started.

We will be displaying groups of panels in Glasgow at the time of the UN COP26 talks .  and  they will be available to tour widely thereafter. Please contact us  in good time if you would like to host a display or to work with us in some other way.

Our newsletters can help keep you up to date with our project’s development and plans. To join (or leave) the mailing list, please contact us hereThis is also the contact for Quaker meetings seeking to work with the project. 

You can also connect with us on FacebookInstagram, and Twitter, and support the project by telling others who might be interested. Here’s a shorter video to share on social media. 

Climate breakdown and species extinctions are happening all over the world. We hope this project will help inspire people to make connections and change our habits, to live more sustainably for the sake of love.

What to do with your panel :
Due to COVID-19, until further notice please email us when your panel is complete. We will get in touch and let you know where to send your panel. If possible, please send us a photo of the panel, together with your text, name, and contact details.

The Loving Earth Project was set up by a small group of Quakers and is now working with a wide range of groups and individuals. All are very welcome to participate. Find out more about how the project has been set up