What impact has this project had?


The initial aim of the Loving Earth Project was to help people engage more deeply with climate crisis inspired by love and without becoming overwhelmed.

It has grown  far beyond our initial hopes, with lots of exhibitions and workshops, over 500 textile art panels made, books, talks and more. The  steering group would like to learn more about how it has influenced people and inspired action , whether for panel makers or for others.   How has it been helpful?  What can we learn from it?

We’d love to hear your experience,  whether you made a panel, visited an exhibition, organised an event, read a book, or just browsed our website.  We  hope to hear from a wide variety of people, by completing our short survey , by 20th February 2024.   

If you’d like to tell us more about your story in a different format (eg video, email) , you are welcome to email us at Lovingearthproject@gmail.com .

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