What impact has this project had?


The initial aim of the Loving Earth Project was to help people engage more deeply with climate crisis inspired by love and without becoming overwhelmed.

It has grown  far beyond our initial hopes, with lots of exhibitions and workshops, over 500 textile art panels made, books, talks and more. The  steering group would like to learn more about how it has influenced people and inspired action , whether for panel makers or for others.   How has it been helpful?  What can we learn from it?

We’d love to hear your experience,  whether you made a panel, visited an exhibition, organised an event, read a book, or just browsed our website.  We  hope to hear from a wide variety of people, by completing our short survey , by 20th February 2024.   

If you’d like to tell us more about your story in a different format (eg video, email) , you are welcome to email us at Lovingearthproject@gmail.com .

Special offer on Loving Earth Book

We have now published four delightful little books based on the Loving Earth Project, each with a different flavour but all beautifully produced and illustrated with photos of some of our textile panels.

The Quaker Arts Network currently has a very SPECIAL OFFER on wholesale orders of our latest book, Caring for the World we Love, designed for kids of all ages. As well as being interesting for individuals to read or dip into it also offers a general introduction to the Loving Earth Project, and can be a useful resource for group conversations or workshops.

This lovely book normally retails at £5 for its 36 beautifully produced pages, and like our other books it’s available from the Quaker Bookshop.  However,  orders received by the end of Februrary  via the   shop page on this website   will be charged special offer price of  £2.50 per copy for 10 or more books (including postage). UPDATE: stocks are now very low so the £1.50 per copy for 30 books or more is no longer available. .  We hope this will enable people to give copies to  libraries, schools, worship and community groups as well as friends, both to give pleasure and also to help more people to engage positively with the challenges of the environmental crisis.

Textile workshop at Jordans Quaker Centre, Beaconsfield

Make your personal response to the Loving Earth questions, at this workshop, one of three to  accompany the exhibition at Jordans Quaker Centre.

Workshop 10 am to noon. Refreshments from 9.30 am
Book your place by emailing  us at   office@jordansquakercentre.org


If you choose to make a textile response, please email a photo of it along with your text, and we’ll add it to our online gallery.

Loving Earth exhibition at Scottish Maritime Museum continues

The Loving Earth project’s exhibition at the Scottish Maritime Museum in Dumbarton has been extended until 23rd January.

This lovely little exhibition exhibition was  listed as one of the best cultural events in Scotland for COP26. The museum is  easy to get to on the train and the small permanent collection at the Denny Tank is fascinating too – showing how model ships from the Cutty Sark to submarines were made and tested. Finish your visit with a stroll along the Clyde or Leven for a varied day out  for people of all ages.


Shop front exhibitions during COP 26

Loving Earth panels featured in two shop front exhibitions in Glasgow during COP 26, as well as in four other venues at the time.

Stop Climate Chaos Scotland, who helped organise these exhibitions has produced this great report with photos of all of them.

Three Zoom conversations featuring the Loving Earth Project are now available on Youtube.

Caring for what we love in the face of Environmental threats

During the autumn we held two open conversations when invited speakers reflected on issues raised by some of the Loving Earth panels. These are now available online.

The November 3rd conversation, featured international speakers, and was held during the first week of the COP 26 talks. Speakers were Wopicho Apollo, from Uganda, Ed Tyler from Glasgow and Beverley Ward from Florida . More details of speakers are at on our events page.

The September 24th conversation featured Alistair McIntosh , Zarina Ahmed , Gillian McFarland, and Jon Slowe, all based in around Glasgow, together with Lindsey Fielder Cook from the Quaker United Nations Office.  More details of the speakers are on the events page of our website.

Both events were hosted by Glasgow Quakers and introduced by Rici Marshall Cross, from the  Loving Earth Project’s Steering Group.

Curiosity, Creativity and the Climate.
A recording of this Zoom conversation hosted by Christian Aid Scotland, on September 23rd 2021 ,  is now available here. Speakers exploring how creativity can inspire us to change the world were :

  • ID Campbell, UNESCO artist
  • David Coleman, Chaplain for Eco-Congregations Scotland
  • Dr Anna Fisk, climate activist, theologian and knitter
  • Rev Kathy Galloway, poet and hymn writer
  • Linda Murgatroyd, Quaker Arts Network and Loving Earth Project co-ordinator
  • Seonaid Knox, Prophetic Activist for Christian Aid, will guide our creative and curious conversations.

Loving Earth “one of the best cultural events in Scotland for COP26”

The Loving Earth display at the Scottish Maritime Museum is listed as one of the best cultural events in Scotland for COP26. It continues in Dumbarton until mid January next year

Best cultural events in Scotland for COP26 | The List

The exhibition at the lovely Gorbals Church opening 30 October till 14 November Fridays till Mondays is also very lovely. We will be holding textile workshop each weekend at one of these venues during COP 26 – see our events page for details .  There is good parking at both venues and the Gorbals church is wheelchair friendly.

Other displays around Glasgow are equally good, though a little smaller. If you’re in town, there may be one near you!

Loving Earth events for COP 26

Loving Earth Project COP26 press release

Over 200 Loving Earth Panels will be on display in and around Glasgow at the
time of COP26, and we will be holding a number of workshops in Glasgow .  You can download a list of these here : LEP COP26 events poster lo res

Online events will include a poetry workshop on 25th October and a Loving Earth conversation with participants from different parts of the world, on 3rd November. Details are on our Events page.

Many more panels have already been shown around Britain in the run-up to this crucial conference and other displays are planned soon after.


Loving Earth events for Climate Fringe and Great Big Green week

A number of Loving Earth Project events will be taking place around Britain and on Zoom during September as we prepare for COP26.  Details are on our events calendar.

Posters advertising these events in England and Scotland  can be downloaded here:

LEP exhib poster scotland lo res sept 2021


LEP exhib poster England lo res sept 2021



You can also order some of our green heart postcards to send messages to Glasgow.  If you’d like to do this but can’t send them back to us by the end of September, please drop us a line.