Loving Earth events for COP 26


Over 200 Loving Earth Panels will be on display in and around Glasgow at the
time of COP26, and we will be holding a number of workshops in Glasgow .  You can download a list of these here : LEP COP26 events poster lo res

Online events will include a poetry workshop on 25th October and a Loving Earth conversation with participants from different parts of the world, on 3rd November. Details are on our Events page.

Many more panels have already been shown around Britain in the run-up to this crucial conference and other displays are planned soon after.


Loving Earth events for Climate Fringe and Great Big Green week

A number of Loving Earth Project events will be taking place around Britain and on Zoom during September as we prepare for COP26.  Details are on our events calendar.

Posters advertising these events in England and Scotland  can be downloaded here:

LEP exhib poster scotland lo res sept 2021


LEP exhib poster England lo res sept 2021



You can also order some of our green heart postcards to send messages to Glasgow.  If you’d like to do this but can’t send them back to us by the end of September, please drop us a line.




New Loving Earth Postcards

Our friends at Riverhouse Barn Arts Centre suggested some participative elements to the Loving Earth exhibition that will be opening there on 11 August .

As well as a creative writing workshop and some sewing workshops, we have created a postcard for them to use .

Further postcards are now available on request for use in by groups and events, to help people engage with the challenges and  share what they are doing to  take action on climate change.

Loving Earth Project resource for youth and all-age groups

A new video of a version of the Loving Earth meditation and exploration process is now available on our Resources page.

The language and pace of the resource is suitable for groups of young people and all-age groups. It is divided into three short sections with pauses between for activities and discussion.

A resource suggesting different ways the video it can be used is also available on our Resources page . Devised by Quakers, it is suitable for a wide range of groups whether faith groups or not.

Please send in your textile panels

We’re delighted to have a number of exhibitions coming up over the summer and now need to plan these.  If you have completed a textile panel but not yet sent it to us, please can you do so sonner rather than later so that we can plan and prepare exhibitions. We will need panels by the end of June at latest for shows in July and August, and would like to know in advancewhich panels will be here by then.

All panels for inclusion in the COP 26 exhibition will need to be with us by September.

When your panel and text are complete please send us an email and we will let you know where to post them at that time. Thank you.


Journey to COP 26 events on 10th April

Loving Earth Project will be offering two events on 10th April, as part of the Journey to COP 26  invitation to help us all  prepare for the critical UN climate talks in Glasgow in November 2021.  All are welcome to our morning’s workshop Celebrating where we love, or a more leisurely day  Exploring Sacred Spaces – details are on our Events page 

More information about COP 26 and other events on this date are available here.


Sacred People , Sacred Earth: Journey to COP 26: celebrating where we love

Celebrate a place you love , as part of a Quaker-led initiative inviting everyone to celebrate a place that is precious to them. It could be where you live now, in a distant land, a place of natural beauty, a building, or another place that is sacred to you . Life is threatened everywhere by the growing climate crisis, and radical changes are needed to avoid the worst effects.
We will help you prepare to make a textile panel expression your love for this place, and/or what you can do to help care for its future. Your panel can then be sent to join our travelling exhibition. We hope that panels celebrating beloved places all over the world will be shown in Glasgow at the time of for COP26 and will tour widely thereafter.
You can join our journey to COP26 events on 10 April or get started today using resources on our website. You might like to set aside some time on 11 March as part of the Global Day of Action when people from faith groups around the world will be taking a variety of actions for climate justice.
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