Like others, many of our plans have been upset by the tragic Coronavirus pandemic . However the Loving Earth Project is very well suited while we are in isolation or quarantine.

Working with Woodbrooke, we are developing further resources to help people engage with the project in different ways , but you should also find all you need to know on this website.

However, while Friends House  and other public spaces are shut down, please do not send your panels in to us. Instead, please email us a photo of your panel, along with your text about it and your name and contact details. We can then add it to our online gallery and will contact you when the time is right to send it on to join the travelling collection. Thank you.

It would also be lovely if you could tell others about the project, via Facebook  @LovingEarthProject or in other ways. Many people of all ages will be looking for creative and useful ways to fill their time, and all levels of skill are welcome.  It may be a good opportunity for some to learn new skills (eg via the internet) and to improvise with materials we have to hand. It would be great to come out of this pandemic with a glorious display of textiles to celebrate what we love, tell people what we are going to do to help protect the future of our fragile ecosystem and inspire others by our examples.

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