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The Covid-19 pandemic has affected people in different ways. As well as suffering, sorrow, fear, loneliness, hard work for many, it's also been a time to reflect on how we relate to our environment and how we could do things differently in future in our local area.

Sustainable Merton is working in partnership with Loving Earth Project to explore these questions.

This Zoom event will get you started on making a textile panel in any style. You’ll be invited to do a little preparation from home in advance of the event if you wish and will be welcome to join our online chats for panel-makers as your panel progresses, if you like.
Led by Sue Tyldesley and Lottie Percival

Free . Advance booking essential 

Details and bookings at  

More information about the lockdown legacy and for materials to help you explore these issues on your own, or  with others in your area is on our Lockdown Legacy page. 

Sustainable Merton will be hosting chats for local participants.  Contact them directly for details.